In order to perpetuate the memory of the Uzbek people who died in World War II, at the initiative of the President, a beautiful, majestic Victory Park was created in Tashkent. Amazing park, calling to get acquainted with the facts of heroism shown by our soldiers during the war. It was not for nothing that we said that the park is amazing. Here, dugouts and trenches were recreated in kind, in the underground part military relics are presented - letters of soldiers, dishes, clothes, documents, personal items, photographs. The historical atmosphere is recreated by the music and news of the war years transmitted through the speaker.


The installations of the paintings of the Second World War were created - military equipment, front line, trench, concentration camp, mangled German tanks, dugout. Tashkent station in time of war, trains, torture of 101 Uzbeks captured in Amersfoort, aircraft produced in Uzbekistan, shells, life pictures of those years, voices ...

On the tanks there are inscriptions “Go to Berlin!”, “From the working people of Uzbekistan!”, “Revenge!”, “We will win!”, “Uzbekistan - to the front!”. And everything as a whole creates a symphony of victory. And you - first the viewer, and then - as if a participant in this symphony.

This park, displaying 1418 days of defense of the Fatherland, calls on us to be worthy of heroes, sparing no effort, to contribute to the development and prosperity of Uzbekistan.